Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well I got something new...

I was tired of hauling the bikes around on a open trailer or in my Express AWD van, so when I fell into a better Van then the one I had I jumped on it. It is a Quigley 4X4 van
(they build under license to Ford and GM) and will soon be taking over the Bike hauling duty's. I will have mounts in the floor to hold up to three Baxley Chocks (best chock out there IMO) and under normal use will hold two bikes on each side with one facing forward and one back. In the three bike configuration the two bikes on the outside face forward and the one in the middle faces back. I will also double as my bedroom at the five Road races that I race every year. Also As I am reducing my fleet by not only a Van but my Winter Daily driver GMC Yukon it will have a seat added to the rear to haul my to Juvenile Delinquents (I have 2) that can be removed easily.

The goal is to add some Aluminess Bumpers front and rear, Roof rack from them as well. 33in tyres. A 2in suspension lift using custom springs from National Spring. Seats will stay stock. in the rear I will add Vanrug mat on the floor and Cargo wall liners. Macs Tiedows (seat track to you avation Guys like me) will be mounted to the floor and walls.

All these things cost money and of course that takes away from my bike funds. Oh and it will get custom paint too.