Friday, October 24, 2008

The Start of a Dual Sport / Adventure Bike

Well I actually started this project awhile back but never did any write-ups on it. I found a couple more ATK 605's in NY. One a 99 ESDS (Electric Start Dual Sport) and the other a 02 605 DTSM. This build is based on the 99. It looked like this at the time I found it. It won't look like this for long. Plans call for Ohlins forks, Zega hard cans for distance and Zega Flex soft bags for shorter trips, Aux fuel tank as ATK's only have about a 125mi range (that tank is small!), a XR400 oil cooler, Computer mount, etc. I will be writing as I find time but it is already torn down and work is starting.

Most work will be done on Thursday's and Friday's as those are the days that I try to take off from Alaska Leather. See you next post.

Friday, October 17, 2008

First post

Well I will not be posting Daily (sometimes) but will use this as a Forum with info about my 900SS, my ATK's, and my many Old GSXR's. I am converting the Rotax 605 in my 99 ATK to Fi using a Microsquirt. Adapting 996 forks to my 900SS, Adapting a S2R Swingarm to the same 900SS, Rebuilding a couple of GSXR's as well. All this will be out of my 1 car Garage and on a semi-retired budget. so follow along if you like.