Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sorry (Agian)

I have not been posting again but not because I have been working hard on the bikes or anything. I have just been busy with work.

On the 99:
I do have all the parts to start the FI conversion to the green 99. I am just waiting on a small welding job for the ignition sensor.

On the 600DT to SM:
I also have welded the Oil cooler mounts on the 600DT frame that I will be swapping all the parts from the 95 SM to. Need to check to see if the exhaust will swap as well as make peg mounts. Then Powder coat.

On the 900SS:
The Ducati is at Frame Straight Systems to be modified for the S2R Single sided Swingarm. Stuck until the Frame gets back.

On the new Bike Hauler:
The Van has had a Computer mount installed, the Vanrug ordered, the blue and white stripe removed, and a rear seat (Stock 3 person removable) installed along with WetOkole seat covers on all seats. I will be putting in the chock mounts this week and showing how those are mounted to allow the Baxley Chocks to be removed easily. Also got some MotoCinch hold down clamps that hold the pegs and allow the bikes to ride in the Baxley chocks without any tiedown straps.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well I got something new...

I was tired of hauling the bikes around on a open trailer or in my Express AWD van, so when I fell into a better Van then the one I had I jumped on it. It is a Quigley 4X4 van
(they build under license to Ford and GM) and will soon be taking over the Bike hauling duty's. I will have mounts in the floor to hold up to three Baxley Chocks (best chock out there IMO) and under normal use will hold two bikes on each side with one facing forward and one back. In the three bike configuration the two bikes on the outside face forward and the one in the middle faces back. I will also double as my bedroom at the five Road races that I race every year. Also As I am reducing my fleet by not only a Van but my Winter Daily driver GMC Yukon it will have a seat added to the rear to haul my to Juvenile Delinquents (I have 2) that can be removed easily.

The goal is to add some Aluminess Bumpers front and rear, Roof rack from them as well. 33in tyres. A 2in suspension lift using custom springs from National Spring. Seats will stay stock. in the rear I will add Vanrug mat on the floor and Cargo wall liners. Macs Tiedows (seat track to you avation Guys like me) will be mounted to the floor and walls.

All these things cost money and of course that takes away from my bike funds. Oh and it will get custom paint too.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I know it has been awhile but I have been busy. I stripped the 900SS down and sent the frame to Frame Straight along with a S2R frame to meld the upper shock mount for the Single Sided conversion. I have not really been working on the 99 ATK but did get all the parts finished for the FI conversion. This involved a signal wheel for the cam gear and a few other parts. I will be starting on that soon. I also picked up a 4X4 Van to move all the bikes around. I have been working on some bikes for Customers as well so I know that some of you that are wondering what has been going on with the ATK's but work has to come first.

Look for work on the ATK next week and I will posting pics of the Ducati soon as well. So look for updates soon.